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Efficiency Insights is a specialized consulting business providing high quality building performance services to the Rocky Mountain Region.



Cameron Millard started Efficiency Insights after nearly a decade in the non-profit sector where he successfully implemented hundreds of energy efficiency projects, conducted energy audits, and promoted efficiency at the community level.




Efficiency Insights provides a variety of building performance services to homeowners, non-profit organizations, building owners and managers, and builders of new construction.  Residential and commercial, building owners, energy efficiency programs, and builders can rely on Efficiency Insights for solutions, testing and verification, and design assistance with a focus on energy efficiency best practices.




Cameron has helped hundreds of home owners as well as businesses such a hotels, bowling alleys, retail shops, and county governments make their buildings more energy efficient to save money, reduce environmental impact, and the improve health and comfort of their buildings.  Click here for examples.


"Thank you for being such a professional and being so responsive to the needs of our project" - Leif from Quandary Designs

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