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Efficiency Insights, LLC serves the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado including Lake, Summit, Eagle, Chaffee, and Gunnison Counties.  We help homeowners, builders, businesses, local governments, and non-profit organizations solve the most challenging energy problems encountered by buildings in the Colorado mountain region.


Change your energy future with new insight into energy efficiency

Residential Energy Audits


A home energy audit is the first step to gaining insight into how or why your home consumes too much energy, is drafty and uncomfortable, or has poor indoor air quality.  It is also a great way to learn how to reduce your environmental impact and even how to best make energy efficiency investments to save money.

We are BPI Certified Building Analyst Professionals and work with the following programs:


Energy Smart Colorado


Cloud City Conservation Center


XCEL Energy


Commercial Energy Audits


Any business that uses energy requires insight into energy use to avoid high overhead.  We provide Level I Commercial Energy Assessments in the Rocky Mountain Region.  This service is best for business owners who want to survey their building in order to determine the most practical energy efficiency measures they can take to reduce costs.   Buildings with complex process energy or larger, specialized facilities may be better served by engineering firms.  These are typically very expensive audits, and our commercial service may get you started in the right direction with a much lower cost.

Please contact for more information on commercial services.

New Construction Services


New energy codes can be confusing.  We help provide insight into how energy codes are changing the building process for the better.  The following services are available individually or as a bundled service (prices vary by building type, size and goals):

Detailed Plan Review

Rescheck Compliance

On-site Quality Control

On-site Crew Training

Testing and Compliance

Ventilation Design

Ventilation System Commissioning

Energy Program Assistance


In addition to serving individual homeowners, business, and builders, Cameron has worked for and alongside energy efficiency programs, from a local grass-roots organization to a region-wide coalition of climate activists. As an energy change agent, Cameron brings technical expertise as well as organizational aptitude to the challenges of implementing energy efficiency programs.  Cameron is currently the Quality Assurance Manger for Energy Smart Colorado, but if you have particular needs for technical expertise, please do not hesitate to make an inquiry.

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